Madagascar Diaries – What to Do in Madagascar

Madagascar diaries – To celebrate the country’s liberty day (June 26), listed here are a handful of things you may well not have known about Madagascar.  Madagascar is still a beautiful nation. Hurricanes Madagascar is among the states on our planet at which the chance of hurricanes and tropical storms is still fairly significant.

Madagascar is slightly more streamlined compared to Texas and is now the fourth largest most significant island on the planet. Madagascar is classed among the entire world’s 17 mega diverse countries that are considered as home to almost all the worlds biodiversity. Madagascar is the fourth most crucial island on the planet. Madagascar also produces a number of the very best cocoa on earth.

Madagascar diaries

Madagascar diaries

Madagascar is this a unique country that’s blessed having a particular blend of individuals. Madagascar includes an extensive collection of local climate styles and also so many distinctive landscapes are available, such as rain forests, hills, and steppes.  Also known as Tana, you may most likely fly to Madagascar’s capital. Therefore it’s worth spending each day to have a browse around, one day will be sufficient. There are still portions of Madagascar that haven’t been detected yet this can be extremely rare for practically any region on earth. Any guest that enjoys will be excited to experience the real Madagascar will take pleasure in the live interaction together with the natives.

Madagascar diaries

Madagascar diaries

Some Madagascar regions have no electricity. Be cautious and keep a shallow profile when active in the nation, particularly when you’re traveling. Though it is one of those six poorest nations inside the Earth, it holds so many excellent adventures that can not be experienced anywhere else on the planet.

The Number 1 Issue – Need to Ask Before Things Get Done

You can find experienced guides that could inform you of tons of old advice and most of the critical corners of the region. Additional information on our favorite spots in Madagascar are available on our highlights of Madagascar page which may offer you a little bit of food for thought! You may notice record coming to life around this place.

Madagascar diaries

Madagascar diaries

Because there indeed are plenty of things to see that I decided to spend at least three weeks. Combine a cookery course of which you will start your day from the darkened neighborhood fish market until preparing a traditional West African dish. Additionally, keep in your mind that the majority of persons have a tough time remembering titles. The ideal period to attempt raw snacking is between May and July as soon since the herring is regarded as inside its own luscious.

Tasty and Unique, Here’s Madagascar Cuisine You should Know

Tasty and Unique, Here’s Madagascar Cuisine You should Know

Getting to know Madagascar cuisine will provide a different culinary experience for you. When on vacation to Madagascar, you should try the food. Vacation without tasting typical food will make your travel feels incomplete.

The food served is also very diverse, showing the diversity of the community as well. You can find a variety of preparations from vegetables to meat on this island. The culinary on the island of Madagascar has actually been heavily influenced by the French and Chinese invaders in ancient times.

If you see food being served, then you will be tempted to taste it. Here are some typical Madagascar leat foods that you can find when visiting this island.

Tasty and Unique, Here’s Madagascar Cuisine You should Know

Tasty and Unique, Here’s Madagascar Cuisine You should Know

Madagascar Cuisine called Piri-Piri Chicken

Tourists usually refer to Piri-Piri Chicken by the name of Piri-Piri Roast Chicken. However, actually, Piri-Piri Chicken is not only cooked by baking. But by frying without oil first until both sides of the chicken look browned.

Then after that, the chicken is put into an oven at 200 degrees Celsius, and each side is baked for 15 to 20 minutes. That way, this chicken will become brownish and very appetizing.

Traditionally this Piri-Piri Chicken is usually served with Matapa. Matapa is a food dish made from cassava leaves. This cassava leaf has previously been cooked with herbs or peanut sauce.

The name Piri-Piri in Piri-Piri Chicken itself is actually the name of the spice used to cook chicken meat. This spice is made from various kinds of a mixture of spices and grated coconut. The combination of spices and coconuts will create a new taste that is unique and worth trying.

Fufu, Madagascar’s Staple Food

Indeed, at first glance similar to the name of the fish, the fufu fish. But this Madagascar cuisine has nothing to do with fish. Even fufu does not use fish as its main ingredient.

Fufu is a staple food for the people of Madagascar and other African countries. The main ingredient of this food is cassava. But this can be replaced with a variety of other ingredients, such as banana flour, tubers (such as potatoes or sweet potatoes), cornflour, or wheat flour.

How to process it is quite easy. You only need to mash cassava or its ingredients. Then boil it with water and stir it (cook it the way it is when making porridge) until it thickens slightly. When it’s ready, serve it with soup or other side dishes.

Tasty and Unique, Here’s Madagascar Cuisine You should Know

Tasty and Unique, Here’s Madagascar Cuisine You should Know

Madagascar’s Chermoula Sauce

Chermoula is a typical sauce from Madagascar that is used to flavor a variety of Madagascar cuisine or as a pair of grilled seafood.

It is a delicious mixture of spices, lemons, and fresh herbs, and uses Cumin as its main ingredient. How to make Chermoula is quite easy. You just need to prepare a variety of ingredients.

These ingredients such as coriander, parsley leaves, garlic, lemon juice, paprika, cayenne pepper, ground turmeric (or powder), olive oil and salt, and don’t forget cumin powder as the main ingredient. Then saute all the ingredients until well blended and cooked.

For those of you who like culinary, then you should taste the cuisine of Madagascar. Madagascar’s special cuisine is cooked using a variety of spices. That makes Madagascar cuisine have a delicious taste on the tongue of the tourists. Also check unique things about Madagascar that you should know.

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

When visiting Madagascar, you may see historical building in Antananarivo. Madagascar is an island country located east of the African continent which has direct access to the Indian Ocean. This country has become a French colony for decades until it finally succeeded in freeing itself since 1960.

Therefore, of course, this country stores a variety of beautiful ancient buildings, especially in the capital city of Antananarivo. When traveling here, you will be able to visit various historic buildings that have architectural beauty.

Some of these historic buildings are influenced by French Gothic architecture. For those of you who want to enjoy historical tourism, but are bored in mainstream places. Some historical places in Antananarivo, Madagascar are suitable for you to visit.

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit


Rova of Antananarivo and Andafiavaratra Palace, Historical Building in Antananarivo

First there is the Rova of Antananarivo in the form of palace buildings left behind by the ruling kingdom of Imerina in Madagascar. This palace building has stood since the 17th century until then handed over to France after the defeat of the Kingdom of Imerina to France in 1897.

The architectural form of this building is very interesting because it presents a blend of French and local Madagascar style. Besides this unique old building is located on a hill. Unfortunately, this palace experienced a great fire in 1995 and was completely renovated on the outside in 2012.

Then there is the palace building, Andafiavaratra Palace which was previously used as the residence of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Madagascar. The location of this palace is on a hill in the City of Antananarivo so that the building is directly visible from above the height.

The historical building in Antananarivo is now used as a museum that holds more than 1400 artifacts from the Kingdom of Madagascar. These objects were previously stored in the Rova of Antananarivo. But after the fire, it was moved to this palace.

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

Ambohimanga and Ambohitsorohitra Palace

Ambohimanga is also one of the heritage buildings of the Kingdom of Madagascar or the Kingdom of Merina. The fort is located about 24 km northeast of the town of Antananarivo and is also located above the hills. This building is one of the main relics and symbols of the Merina community, which has been built since the 18th century.

The architectural style of the fort is very unique to Madagascar with its unique wall shape and roof style that is different from buildings in general. In addition, this historical building in Antananarivo has also become a UNESCO cultural heritage since 2001.

Ambohitsorohitra Palace was previously the residence of the President of Madagascar. Until in 2009 it was occupied by the army during the coup. The location of this palace building is located right in the center of Antananarivo . It is one of the French heritage buildings in Madagascar.

This palace was formerly used for the office of the French Colonial Government in Madagascar and was founded in the 1890s. This building was also used as an Antananarivo town hall. Before the mayor Marc Ravalomanana was elected president and used this building as a palace.

As it turns out, visiting Madagascar you are not only served with beautiful natural scenery or exotic animals. You can also visit various historical building in Antananarivo that are beautiful and majestic.

Unique Things about Madagascar that You Should Know

Unique Things about Madagascar that You Should Know

There are many unique things about Madagascar, from animals to very diverse traditions. Madagascar is one of the countries in Africa which has ancestral blood from Southeast Asians. This country is famous for endemic animals that are so amazing that you cannot find outside the island.

But besides the animals, Madagascar also has another attraction which will certainly attract the attention of tourists to visit. We have summarized some of these unique things below.

Unique Things about Madagascar that You Should Know

Unique Things about Madagascar that You Should Know

Unique Things about Madagascar; From Its History to the Use of Cannabis

Madagascar was once led by a cruel queen named Ranavola. During the 33 years of her reign, the queen showed her power with violence. She made efforts to cleanse races and religions throughout the island. Those who challenge the queen will be forced to work to build her palace.

As a result, in the era of 1833-1839, the population of the island’s population declined dramatically from five million to 2.5 million. She also did not hesitate to poison and throw into the abyss of loyal workers if found treacherous. You can still see the remains of Rova Antananarivo’s palace in the capital.

Nearly one in 10 Malagasy (as local people call it) smokes marijuana, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, a higher percentage of cannabis smokers on the island than in the Netherlands.

There are no specific penalties or death sentences in this country so smokers and cannabis sellers can freely enjoy it on the streets of the capital. Madagascar has become one of the countries that consume the most cannabis in the world.

Unique Things about Madagascar that You Should Know

Unique Things about Madagascar that You Should Know

Have a Ritual of Dancing with the Corpse

Another unique things about Madagascar, there are quite scary rituals, namely Famadihana which is a ritual of dancing with corpses that have become a hereditary tradition. This traditional ceremony is held once every 5 to 7 years.

Usually, the Famadihana ritual is conducted from June to September each year. Not only dancing, but they also hung cloth that covered the corpse. The purpose of this ceremony is to honor the spirits of deceased ancestors.

Madagascar Society believes that humans who have died do not really die. In this ceremony, they believe the spirits of people who have died can communicate with them.

There are Beautiful National Parks

One of the unique things about Madagascar with its diversity of flora and fauna is that it has many national parks. One of them is Ranomafana National Park. The park is enriched with a variety of flora and fauna, Ranomafana national park spread over an area of ​​400 km.

The word Ranomafana or ‘hot water’ in Malagasy, so here you are also allowed to bathe under running water in one of the waterfalls in the park. The park is also home to an endangered species of golden bamboo lemur.

In addition to Ranomafana park, there is also Zahamena National Park. When you set foot in this rainforest national park, you will get euphoria as if you were walking on the set of a Hollywood movie.

Surrounded by fogs, this national park is home to several species of birds. Travelers who have come here recommend staying at Vavatenina or Ambatondrazaka. The unique things about Madagascar will certainly attract the attention of the world community to visit the island.

Unique Facts about Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Unique Facts about Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park or also called Stone Forest is a national park in Madagascar that is protected by UNESCO. Although it is called ‘forest’, in fact, Tsingy de Bemaraha only consists of a collection of sharp stones which are quite dangerous.

Entering this area, you are like being in a trap covering 250 square miles filled with pointed obelisk-like a jagged spear. According to some researchers, these taper-shaped stones are formed from raindrops that have flushed forest areas for hundreds of years.

At present this National Park is included in a world heritage site protected by UNESCO. But this park does not need a guard or high fence that surrounds this national park, because this park is already quite dangerous for humans so no one will destroy it.

Unique Facts about Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Unique Facts about Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is a Place Where Many Animals and Plants Living

At the top where the stones are pointed, there is almost no life. However, the lower part of it houses many plants and animals. There are many trees whose roots propagate long in this place. The mangrove forest there is also a place to live for wild birds and lemurs.

Biologists even refer to this region as a natural fortress; because no one has succeeded in mapping what is in it as a whole. Every time the expedition team explored the area, they always found new unique living things.

Given Stingy’s location in Madagascar, actually, this isn’t too surprising. About 90 percent of the species that exist in Madagascar are unique, so it is not impossible that we will see new things in a certain time span.

Access to Tsingy De Bemaraha is difficult

In this park, standing limestone rocks like a jagged spear. At present the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park can be accessed by both domestic and foreign tourists, but to get to this park is not easy.

Unique Facts about Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Unique Facts about Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

You have to drive from the city of Morondava on the west coast of Madagascar to Tsingy de Bemaraha on a non-paved road, after that, you also have to ride a raft made of pirogue wood to cross two wide enough rivers.

The journey from the city of Morondava to Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park you will be accompanied by typical views of Madaskar such as adidonia grandidieri baobab trees, typical plants in Madagascar. At sunset, these trees form a beautiful silhouette for you to enjoy.

After completing the second crossing, you will arrive at the last small village, Bekopaka village, where there are many guides who can take you to Tsingy de Bemaraha Park. Climbing the rocks at Tsingy is not easy, you have to wear complete climbing gear and start climbing rocks that stand tall.

It takes about three hours to get to the top of the Tsingy de Bemaraha rocks, but the difficulty spent is comparable to the adventure experience gained.

After knowing the facts above, surely you are tempted to visit the place if you are a lover of extreme tourism. Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park is indeed very beautiful, but you also still have to be careful when visiting there.

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won’t Find Anywhere Else

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won’t Find Anywhere Else

Endemic animal In Madagascar won’t be found anywhere else because of their unique characteristic. In addition, the island nation which was formerly a former French colony has tropical weather with lots of tropical rain forests throughout the country.

Therefore there are various kinds of endemic animals that inhabit the island with different physical characteristics compared to animals on the continent of Africa. You can find endemic animals that will not be found in other areas.

When visiting here you will be surprised at how unique the island’s rich fauna is. There are giraffe-necked deer, lemurs, whose long middle fingers help it find maggots hiding inside trees, and giant Malagasy rats, which can jump three feet into the air. Here are some animals that inhabit the island of Madagascar with a unique and attractive face.

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won't Find Anywhere Else

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won’t Find Anywhere Else

Fossa, an Endemic animal in Madagascar which is Endangered

Fossa is an endemic carnivorous animal from the island of Madagascar which is still a family with Mongoose. This animal has a main habitat in the forest. The size of this mammal reaches a length between 70-80 cm and weighs between 5.5-8.6 kg which makes this animal the largest carnivorous mammal in Madagascar.

The main food of Fossa is varied, ranging from small animals to lemurs and monkeys but generally prey on lemurs. In addition, he is also active during the day and night, but these wild animals are in the category of threatened and the population is decreasing from year to year.

Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko, Its Habitat is Threatened Because of Illegal Logging

Furthermore, there is the Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko which is one type of endemic lizard from the island of Madagascar. Latin lizard named Uroplatus phantasticus has a physical form resembling dried leaves which makes it able to camouflage well to avoid predators and to prey on insects.

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won't Find Anywhere Else

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won’t Find Anywhere Else

This endemic animal in Madagascar is a nocturnal reptile has been protected by the local government because many are hunted to be used as pets, because of its very unique shape. In addition, their habitat is also threatened due to deforestation and environmental damage.

Mammals called Eastern falanouc

Finally, there is a mammal named Eastern falanouc living in the lowlands of the tropical rainforest of eastern Madagascar. Latin animal named Eupleres goudotii is included in the endangered category.

This is due to damage to habitat, humans, dogs, and competition with other animals. Eastern falanouc has a small size with a body length of about 50 cm and is shy animals that eat a variety of invertebrate animals, such as worms, snails, and larvae.

In addition, this island has the world’s rarest bird species, which is a long-tailed earth roll. The coastal city of Toliara, located southwest of the main island, is surrounded by lagoons, mud, freshwater swamps, and, most importantly, the strange Didierea madagaskariensis family.

Traveling to Madagascar will give you a new experience. This island can be called a paradise for those who love wildlife. Besides enjoying the extraordinary natural beauty, you can also get the chance to see endemic animal in Madagascar if you are lucky.

Interesting Facts about Madagascar that You Should Know

Interesting Facts about Madagascar that You Should Know

There are many interesting facts about Madagascar, or what used to be called Malagasy. Madagascar is a country in the African region, precisely in the Indian Ocean. This country has a variety of interesting unique facts reviewed.

Upon hearing the word Madagascar our minds must be drawn to the very famous Madagascar film. In the film, Madagascar is told as a country where many exotic animals live. In addition, biodiversity in the country is also very diverse.

But is that all we can know about Madagascar? Apparently, it is not only the diversity of flora and fauna that is quite diverse in the country. There are still many interesting things we can know about. The following are interesting things about Madagascar.

Interesting Facts about Madagascar that You Should Know

Interesting Facts about Madagascar that You Should Know

Interesting Facts about Madagascar: 4th Largest Island in the World and is Inhabited by Bornean Descendants

The Republic of Madagascar is known to be the fourth largest island in the world reaching an area of ​​about 587 thousand square kilometers. The island of Madagascar ranks fourth as the largest island in the world after Borneo, Greenland, and Papua.

Madagascar is also known as the Red Island because most of the land on the island of Madagascar is red. From some research that has been done, there are allegations that the ancestors of the people of Madagascar came from the archipelago.

The ancestors who came from Indonesia came around the 8th and 9th century while on shipping and trade expeditions. Finally, because of some problems or want to live there, the indigenous culture of the archipelago developed there.

Interesting Facts about Madagascar that You Should Know

Interesting Facts about Madagascar that You Should Know

Has a Mysterious Deadly Lake

Another interesting facts about Madagascar is when you visit this country. You can find a dead lake (Lake) called Tritriva Lake near Antsirabe. The lake which has a depth of up to four hundred meters is known as a deadly lake because there are no signs of life in it.

In Lake Tritive you do not find fish or aquatic plants in it. It is said that there are evil legends in this lake, namely the story of Rabeniomby and Ravolahanta, two people who fall in love but are not blessed by their parents.

Finally, they both decided to jump into the lake together. Another uniqueness of this lake is that the water does not increase despite the rainy season and does not decrease even though the dry season.

Become a Paradise for Flora and Fauna

Being in a remote area and untouched by humans Madagascar has become a paradise for flora and fauna is the interesting facts about Madagascar. Some types of flora and fauna that exist in Madagascar cannot be found anywhere else in the world, such as giant birds that cannot fly or mini hippos.

In addition, there are also strange and weird animals that you can find in Madagascar. Some unique fauna in Madagascar such as thin-tailed geckos, comet moths, panther chameleons, tomato frogs, Madagascar Pochard, Fossas, Malagasy leaf nose snakes, and Darwin skin spiders.

Seeing the various fauna and in this country, no wonder Madagascar is described as a country that rich in natural resources. Knowing interesting facts about Madagascar can give us a new insight about the country.

Malagasy, a Madagascar Language that Similar to Indonesian

Malagasy, a Madagascar Language that Similar to Indonesian

When you visit Madagascar and listen to people speak in Madagascar Language, you might be taken aback. That’s because their language sounds similar to Indonesian. Madagascar residents speak two languages ​​in their daily lives. First is French which you will encounter there.

This is because Madagascar is a colonial country of France. But their main language and what is referred to as de Facto language is Malagasy. 90% of the population of Madagascar is Malagasy and they speak the same language in everyday life.

Broadly speaking, the Malagasy language can be divided into two, namely West and East. While the dialect that is considered as the national language of Madagascar is the Merina dialect that originates from the Eastern region of the island of Madagascar.

Malagasy, a Madagascar Language that Similar to Indonesian

Malagasy, a Madagascar Language that Similar to Indonesian

Madagascar Language is a Family to Astronesia Language

A professor who researches this language reveals that the Malagasy Language (population of Madagascar), is the only language in the Austronesian family in Africa. They borrowed a lot of words from Sanskrit (a modification of the old Malay and Javanese languages) that were used during the Srivijaya era.

The Malagasy language itself is a language that refers to a dozen Indonesian languages ​​that have similarities with each other. this language is Malayo-Polynesian macrolanguage which is used by the people of Madagascar.

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According to Astrologue, there are exactly 12 Malagasy language variants spoken in Madagascar. The variant of Madagascar language that has the most speakers is the Malagasy Plateau, with more than 10 million breakers. This dialect is spoken by people who live in the middle of the island and includes the Southeast dialect.

The dialect spoken by the least inhabitants is the Bushi dialect. This dialect is used by people who live in the northwest of Madagascar. This language is not found on the main island of Madagascar.

Malagasy, a Madagascar Language that Similar to Indonesian

Malagasy, a Madagascar Language that Similar to Indonesian

History of Malagasy Language and Its Legal Status

It is said, the first 30 women who landed on the island came from Indonesia. They arrived in the 9th century AD or more than 1,000 years ago, and hereditary formed a Malagasy colony.

Lots of evidence states that Madagascar is a country that was once visited by the people of Astronesia (Malay). Linguistic researchers also state that there is a similarity between the Madagascar language and the ancient Javanese or Sanskrit languages ​​that were used by the Srivijaya people.

The Barito language is the origin of the Malagasy language, with many loan words from Javanese and Malay. Barito language itself is a term for 20 Dayak dialects that we can now meet in Borneo (Kalimantan).

As for its legal status, in the 2010 constitution, the Malagasy language is designated as the National language of Madagascar. This language is used as a daily language and language of instruction in basic education for all subjects.

Furthermore, for higher education, Madagascar uses French as an introduction, but still uses Malagasy as a special introduction to the history and language of Malagasy.

Knowing that the history of the nation of Madagascar is closely related to Malay is not surprising if they have a similarity of the lexicon with Malay and Indonesian. The Madagascar language is proof that Malays have sailed to countries in Africa for a thousand years.

Travel Destinations in Madagascar for Nature Lovers

Travel Destinations in Madagascar for Nature Lovers

For those who like extreme natural attractions, there are travel destinations in Madagascar that you should consider. In addition to the beautiful scenery, the diversity of beautiful flora and fauna also attracts tourists to visit to see and feel directly the natural charm of Madagascar.

However, the lack of supporting facilities and the distance of tourist destinations from the country’s capital, Antananarivo, are things that must be prepared by tourists. Adequate time and financial planning to mental and physical preparation should also be taken into consideration for tourists planning to go to Madagascar.

Nature tourism is indeed the best thing you can get when you visit Madagascar. We have summarized some interesting spots below. So that they can be recommendations for those of you who are going there.

Travel Destinations in Madagascar for Nature Lovers

Travel Destinations in Madagascar for Nature Lovers

Travel Destinations in Madagascar for Nature Lovers

Travel Destinations in Madagascar for Nature Lovers

Baobab Avenue is One of the Best Travel Destinations in Madagascar

The Baobab tree that is the hallmark of Madagascar is actually not spread evenly throughout Madagascar. If you want to see this unique tree that looks like a bottle, visit Baobab Avenue. A tourist attraction that is considered the most attractive for tourists.

Because it’s on this road that Baobab trees grow a lot. This giant tree lined up to form a kind of alley that makes the reflection of sunlight in the trees look so charming. Along the alley, around 200-250 Baobab trees with a height of more than 30 meters are scattered.

Baobab Avenue, located in Menabe, can be reached by land by around 12 hours from Antananarivo by 4×4 vehicles on extreme roads. But by using air transportation from Antananarivo to Morondava. Tourists who want to enjoy the sunset in the open without having to experience the extreme overland trips, Baobab Avenue can still be an option of travel destinations in Madagascar.

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

This place is also known as “Rova”, or fort structure. Formerly, Rova was a historic village that was the residence of the Madagascar royal family and became an important cultural symbol for the Merina tribe.

The wall surrounding the village was built in 1847 using a mixture of lime and egg white. The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

For tourists who do not have much time and sufficient stamina, Rova could be an option because it is located only 24 kilometers from the capital city of Madagascar, Antananarivo.

Travel Destinations in Madagascar for Nature Lovers

Travel Destinations in Madagascar for Nature Lovers

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Located in Melaky, western Madagascar, Tsingy de Bemaraha was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. Due to its unique geography, mangrove forests, lemur populations, and wild birds. This is probably the best travel destinations in Madagascar.

This 666 square km nature reserve, 90 percent of it is filled with sharp limestone rocks as high as 100 meters, shaped like a knife. According to experts’ notes, no humans have lived or entered their forests for centuries.

For this reason, local people gave the name Tsingy (Malagasy language), ‘where people cannot walk’ to the nature reserve. To visit this nature reserve, fit physical condition is the main factor.

The extreme land travel and the lack of facilities during the trip will reduce the comfort of traveling for tourists who do not prepare properly to visit this tourist spot. Even using air transport, it still takes 7 hours by road from Morondava airport to Tsingy de Bemaraha.

If you are interested in visiting Madagascar, then you may include the above three tourist attractions in your itinerary. Travel destinations in Madagascar are very interesting to visit. Especially for those of you who like nature tourism.

Facts about Fossa, the Top Predator in Madagascar Forests

Facts about Fossa, the Top Predator in Madagascar Forests

Hearing Fossa animals will definitely make you interested in knowing the facts about Fossa. This animal is an endemic animal in Madagascar. The island of Madagascar is a large island located east of the African continent.

Because they are separate, many animals that live in Madagascar are different from animals in Africa. There are many endemic animals that can only be found in Madagascar, one of which is a unique animal named fossa.

Having the scientific name Cryptoprocta ferox, Fossa is the largest carnivorous mammal as well as the top predator on the island of Madagascar. But that’s not only their uniqueness.

Facts about Fossa: Family Of Mongoose and can Prey on All Kinds of Animals

At first glance, it is rather difficult to determine actually what kind of animal this fossa is. Their appearance is similar to a combination of dogs and cats, but it turns out that fossa belongs to the family Eupleridae which is still related to mongoose.

Although the status of the largest carnivore in Madagascar, the actual size of the fossa is not too large. Their body length is only about 75 cm plus a tail that is almost the same length. Their maximum weight is only around 9 kg. They have sharp teeth and claws that can be pulled in but not completely.

Family Of Mongoose

Family Of Mongoose

As top predators, fossa will hunt and eat various types of animals that they can catch. One of his favorite prey is lemurs, a type of Madagascar endemic primate. Lemurs live in trees, but that is not a barrier for the fossa to prey on them.

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Other interesting facts about Fossa, they will be using their claws to climb and long tails to maintain balance, fossa can hunt tree-to-tree lemurs with great agility. In addition to lemurs, Animalia’s website mentions that fossa also hunts birds, amphibians, reptiles, and even insects. And unlike most predators, fossa can actively hunt during the day and night.

Communicate Through Scents and Mate in a Unique Way

Fossa is a loner animal. They live in their own territory, which can be as large as 4 square kilometers. Only during the breeding season will they be in contact with other fossa.

To mark its territory, the fossa emits an odor from the odor gland located under the base of its tail. Reporting from the San Diego Zoo, when meeting with other fossa, they will communicate through a roar or howl.

This one is probably one of the unique facts about Fossa. During the breeding season, dozens of fossa will gather somewhere, then a dominant female will climb a tree and attract male attention with the scent of pheromone. Then the male fossa will gather under a tree to fight over the right to mate the female.

Mate in a Unique Way

Mate in a Unique Way

The male who comes out as the winner will then climb the tree and mate the female. After completion, the second dominant male will also rise and mate the female. After the female is finished, she will come down from the tree and be replaced by another female.

And so on until all the fossa in the area has the opportunity to mate. Now you know that this endemic animal has a uniqueness that is different from other animals. Those are facts about Fossa, a predator that can prey on all kinds of animals in Madagascar.

Things to Prepare before Traveling to Madagascar

Things to Prepare before Traveling to Madagascar

Madagascar is probably not as popular as other world destinations, such as the Bahamas or the Caribbean, but the place does have its specialty and unique trait. The place is uniquely isolated despite its existence as one of the oldest places on Earth. The location has a certain appeal and magnet to naturalists, travelers, dadu online fans, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts because of the marvelous natural beautiful.

Despite the charm, it does have its own challenges. Each attraction is separated quite far apart and the travel can be uncomfortable. In some areas, tourism infrastructure isn’t well developed and there is a cyclone season restricting the travelers’ mobility and movement. So, know your way around and be sure to prepare everything well.

The Locations

In Madagascar, the peak of tourist season is between April and December. In other months, the rainy season will dominate the area. Cyclones are the big risks because they make the roads not passable. If you want to go whale watching, this would be the perfect time.

Traveling to Madagascar

Traveling to Madagascar

Between September and December, expect warmer weather. It would be the perfect time for travelers who want to have more outdoor activities and go to the beach. During this time, wildlife lovers and birders would enjoy watching and observing the rodents and reptiles – they are more active during these months.

Where Would You Go?

Keep in mind that most of the highlights are scattered and widespread. If you want to travel around, you need to be flexible and patient. It would be best if you only focus on a specific region. If you try to see everything just within one visit, you may not be able to do it.

For instance, you can go to Ile Sainte Marie if you are going to the Eastern part of the island. You can stay there for a whole week for relaxation and whale watching. If you go to the Western area, you can explore Miandrivazo to Morondava. When we are moving around, you can explore Bekopaka, Tsiribihina River, Kirindy Reserve, Tsingy de Bemaraha, and Avenue of the Baobabs.

Do keep in mind that you need the extra patience and flexibility. Only a small part of the roads are paved – the others are poor. Not only the roads are full of potholes, but they also lack of proper maintenance. You can try traveling by taxi brousse (a small and traditional mini-van) like the locals, but this taxi brousse is not for everyone. If you want to have a more comfortable option, you should hire the local driver.

Traveling to Madagascar

Traveling to Madagascar

It gives you flexible option to many stop along the way. If you have the budgets and you want to travel fast, go with Air Madagascar. If you think you should drive by yourself, it is NOT recommended – for your own sake and safety.

Don’t get your hopes high on Air Madagascar. It may be the best option for traveling comfortably but it doesn’t have the best service. It is notorious for cancellations, scheduling changes, and strikes. Be ready for obstruction and remember – be patient.

The trip to Madagascar can be challenging but it can be one of the best trips you have ever made – if you take it lightly and not being too serious.

Tips for First Time Travelers to Madagascar
Facts IN PHOTOS Places

Tips for First Time Travelers to Madagascar

Madagascar is a unique place to explore, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast. If you enjoy outdoor activities and you are into adventurous exploration, Madagascar would be your heaven. But it doesn’t mean that the place doesn’t have its own downsides. Despite all the natural beauties and the exotic flair, poverty is the biggest problem in the country. The infrastructure is poor and not all well-maintained. That’s why it would be wise to know some real facts about the place.

First Time Travelers to Madagascar

First Time Travelers to Madagascar


It would be best to use cash instead of credit card and ATM. Although the latter ones are increasing in popularity, most people (especially the locals) still prefer the cash. Moreover, you may not be able to find the ATM easily. If you have US$ and Euro, it would be super easy for you to exchange them. The rate for Malagasy Ariary is pretty low. The biggest note (around 10,000 MGA) is only worth €2. Be prepared to handle a tall stack of money when you exchange your money. It is advisable to bring smaller denominations in many rural locations because not everyone has the smaller changes for big denomination.


Because of the poverty and the political instability, safety is the biggest concern in the country. Most travelers who like idnplay poker need to stay alert and not let their guards down. You need to be extra prepared and be extra careful. Never leave your personal items unattended and always trust your guts. There are many cases of scam and stolen items – you don’t want to be one of them.

First Time Travelers to Madagascar

First Time Travelers to Madagascar


The biggest health issue in Madagascar is malaria. Be sure to bring your malaria tablets everywhere. Don’t forget to have your travel vaccinations as well. Tap water is a big no-no – NEVER drink it. If your drink comes with ice, you’d better be sure that it is made from filtered water. Never travel without your first aid kit. You want to bring medicines for scratches and cuts, as well as diarrhea and insect bites. Aspirin and antihistamines should always be in your kits.

Essential Items

Madagascar consists of rivers, deserts, dry forests, mountains, beaches, and rainforests. The weather can be unpredictable. Light and comfortable clothes are okay for daily wear. Be ready to wear clothes in layers in case the weather is a bit chilly. A light raincoat, a hat, a waterproof jacket, a scarf, sunscreen, and good pair of walking shoes would be your best friends during the trip.

Taboo or Fady

It is always a good idea to follow the forbidden or taboo rules. In the local language, it is called a fady. It may influence the local belief and behavior related to places, people, or food. If you are hiring a local guide, it is wise to ask him of the fady so you can avoid making mistakes. For instance, all Tsingy of Bemaraha guides will inform you that pointing something with the forefinger would be disrespectful. It is more polite to point with five fingers. If you are being respectful to the fady, it is a gesture that is much appreciated and respected by the local people.

Madagascar and the Unique Elements of the Country

Madagascar and the Unique Elements of the Country

You probably have thought about traveling to Africa, but with so many countries to choose, which one should you go? No need to worry; you can always go to Madagascar – an exotic land that has it all. In fact, if you are into outdoor activities and natural adventures, this place would be the perfect spot for you. What can you find there, anyway?

The Wild World

Natural wild scene is one of the major appeals in Madagascar. Do you know that 5% of the plant and animal species from all over the world are found here? There are some animals that are indigenous to the place, such as lemur. But be ready to find other wonderful, unique, and exotic plants and creatures. The baobabs plants, for instance, are the most unique plants ever existing in the world.

go to Madagascar

go to Madagascar

There are also other wonderful things to see there, such as mongoose, turtles, sharks, frogs, or birds, along with various species of palms, orchids, and flowers. Unfortunately, all of these natural wonders are in threat of extinction – mostly because of population pressure and climate change. You should really plan and enjoy your trip before everything is gone.

Beautiful Landscapes

Madagascar isn’t only home to various biodiversity, but it is also home to beautiful and epic landscapes. You can basically find almost anything there – from desert to rainforest. In fact, you can go from a desert to a rainforest within 300 kilometers away.

If you really enjoy adventurous and natural views, there are various places to visit. The limestone karsts and sandstone canyons are just some examples of the natural beauty. It is also home to many types of forests (spiny, dry, or rain). The mountains are majestic while the hills are fertile with cascading terrace rice paddies. The soil is rich in laterite, earning the place a special nickname ‘The Red Island’. The place is also surrounded by the sea. The coastline stretches over 5000 kilometers, offering beautiful turquoise view.

Island of Adventures

Madagascar is the fourth biggest island in the world with challenging road condition. However, such a thing is definitely loved by adventurous enthusiasts. The offroad activity is both challenging and fun. There are also national parks that would pamper your adventurous soul. These national parks aren’t packed or crowded with people because not many people visit them.

go to Madagascar

go to Madagascar

Feel free to enjoy various physical activities there, including mountain biking, rock-climbing, diving, hiking, kite surfing, and so much more. Not to mention that the place also has limitless hammocks, beaches, and also natural pools. You will definitely have a satisfying travel!

Cultural Wealth and Insight

Over the course of history, many migrants (generally from Indian Ocean areas) are coming to Madagascar. Expect to find cultural richness when coming to Madagascar. Not only you get to meet the locals but you can also immerse yourself in the cultural experience. Don’t forget to experience Friday night entertainments and discos and also unique festivals. Hop on the bush taxis (or taxi-brousse) or stay in one of the villages.

Madagascar is a one-of-a-kind spot in the world that has it all. You should be able to enrich your traveling experience as well as your soul.

Interesting Facts about Madagascar
Facts IN PHOTOS Places

Interesting Facts about Madagascar

When you want to visit a place, be sure to perform a research about it. If you want to visit Madagascar, naturally, you need to perform a thorough research too. And there are actually many interesting facts about Madagascar that most people don’t know about. So, what are they?

Big Island with Big Population

Madagascar is a big island. It is the fourth biggest island in the world and it is definitely Sweden, Germany, Thailand, and Spain. Just to compare it, Madagascar’s width is around 226,917 square miles while London is ‘only’ 93,410 square miles.

Since it is the one of the biggest islands in the globe, the number of people is around 26.2 million. The number is definitely higher than the people in Greece, Romania, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

big islands

big islands

Rich Biodiversity

When we are talking about biodiversity heavens on Earth, then Madagascar would be one of them. More than 50% of the world’s species of lemur and chameleons are coming from Madagascar. And many of the species can’t be found elsewhere. But you actually won’t find hippos, giraffes, or tigers there.

Madagascar is home to many astonishing and impressive bird species. Its long-tailed unique ground roller is one of the most elusive creatures on Earth. Not to mention that the place itself is very exotic and rich in natural elements. For instance, Toliara, one of the (coastal) towns in the south-western Madagascar, is packed with freshwater marshes, mudflats, and lagoons. Expect to find the gigantic octopus trees sprout that would deliver unearthly vibe to the environment.

All the Creatures Are Weird

Being a place with great biodiversity and natural wealth has made some of the species and creatures quite unique – up to the point of being weird. The Malagasy giant rat can jump and leap high – up to 3 feet to the air. The aye-aye lemur has long middle finger whose function is to find grubs inside the trees. There is also giraffe-necked weevil that has an appendage to roll the leaves to the tubes of the eggs.

All the Creatures Are Weird

All the Creatures Are Weird

It Was a Pirate Haven

Thanks to its secluded coves, Madagascar was a safe haven for pirates. Many had used the island as a safe shelter when they weren’t looting or when they weren’t sailing. If you come to the place, you may have heard many pirate stories. You may think that they are only stories or folklore, but who knows? One of them is probably true.

It Is Home to World Heritage Sites

Some of the places in this island are included in the World Heritage Sites. Atsinanana Rainforest, for instance, is one of them. You can find tons of (rare) species of lemur and primate there. There is also Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, a unique burial site that is 500 years old. There is also Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve that comes in the form of limestone labyrinth. It is unexplored and definitely impassable. Are they all beautiful? Definitely!  Check

Those are some of the interesting facts about Madagascar. They may give you ideas and inspirations of what to do when coming to Madagascar. Prepare it carefully and enjoy!

Amazing Places In Madagascar You Must Visit

Amazing Places In Madagascar You Must Visit

Madagascar holds many magical places that are worth to visit. For vacation plan, these places will become the perfect choice for you who want to feel different vacation experience. Below, we have a list of 5 amazing places in Madagascar you must visit.

  1. Tsingy de Bemaraha

This is one of the best natural treasures in Madagascar as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see the structure of the magnificent rock that is naturally shaped. It has many shapes, from needle to huge monolith. Some of the rock is also located at the amazing places, such as the big monolith at the cliff-edge.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Amazing Places In Madagascar Tsingy de Bemaraha

  1. Ranomafana National Park

One of the most amazing animals you can find in Madagascar is the golden bamboo lemur. And, you can only find it at Ranomafana National Park. The island has a thick forest with quite challenging hiking track. Therefore, you also can feel the real adventure at in order to find the golden bamboo lemur. It’s worth to visit.

  1. Isalo National Park

Beautiful canyon, oases, and magnificent palm groves here will satisfy your eyes and heart. This national park holds many unique animals and plants. And, you also can get the real adventure here, when you try to reach the heart of Isalo National Park. Then, once you reach your destination, you will feel nothing but satisfaction.

Isalo National Park

Amazing Places In Madagascar Isalo National Park

  1. Antananarivo

This city has many old buildings once built when the French ruled this area. Therefore, you will feel the strong nuance of Europe architectural style here. The weather is really nice because this city is located near the mountain. More than that, it also has many great places to visit, such as Croc Farm, Malagasy palaces and more.

  1. Andasibe-Mantadia

This is another national park in Madagascar. With 150 square kilometers in its total size, it holds very amazing biodiversity. This national park has two-part, which are de Mantadia Reserve and de Analamazaotra Special Reserve. You can see the true face of nature here. Unique animal, such as inland crabs, diademed sifakas that swing around, Indri monkeys, and many more, will give you amazing visit here.


Amazing Places In Madagascar Andasibe-Mantadia


Basically, Madagascar is one of the amazing choices for your vacation. Those 5 places are the proof of it. You won’t find what you can see at those places elsewhere. You won’t feel similar experience elsewhere too. Therefore, it is a good decision to choose Madagascar as the main destination of the vacation.

Amazing Nature Treasures in Madagascar

Amazing Nature Treasures in Madagascar

Madagascar is the rich land. It’s not only this island nature. However, the culture and people have high diversity. You can find people from all over the world in Madagascar. People from Asia, Europe, and Africa live here. More than that, the most important thing about Madagascar is the nature. This island holds a different climate and weather, which create a unique environment for different animals and plants to live. In the end, it creates amazing places you must see and visit at least once in your lifetime. Here are some of the Nature Treasures in Madagascar

1.    The Baobabs Paradise

If we have to mention one of the strangest trees on Earth, the Baobab trees will become one of the names that we mentioned. The shape is unique, with a big trunk and small twig and leaves. It has a unique shape in order to keep more water inside as it lives in the dry and desert-like area. The people in Madagascar call it Renala. In the local language, this name means the Queens of the Forest.

The Baobabs Paradise

Nature Treasures in Madagascar The Baobabs Paradise

Madagascar has a specific area where you can see many Baobab trees. Its name is the Avenue of the Baobabs. You can find many Baobab trees lining up around the road. Some of them are very old. You can even find the 1000 years old tree. And, these trees grow really big, which can even reach 30 meters tall.

2.    Nosy Boraha

To go to this place, you must use the boat. This small island is located at the Eastern coast of Madagascar. What you can find here is nothing but the true beauty of nature. Have you ever imagined the dream beach? You can find it here. The beautiful palm tree, crystal clear water, and pure white sand are available in Nosy Boraha. Basically, for you who love the beach and maritime activity, this is the best place you can visit.

Nosy Boraha

Nature Treasures in Madagascar Nosy Boraha

3.    Masoala National Park

This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see the Red Ruffed Lemur here. This is one of the rarest animals you can find. More than that, it said that there are more unknown plant and animal species in this national park. You need to keep natural in order to feel the adventure in this place.

Masoala National Park

Masoala National Park

Madagascar has those 3 amazing places and many more. You can find more amazing places if you explore Madagascar. They will become the best spots you can visit.

Luxury Hotels for Your Best Experience in Madagascar

Luxury Hotels for Your Best Experience in Madagascar

When you have a vacation, there is one important thing that you need to pay more attention. It’s the hotel. The place where you rest and sleep must be comfortable. And, if you also can get extra experience, that would be a much better thing to have. Now, for you who want to visit Madagascar, we have several great hotels for a comfortable place to stay as well as a nice experience to stay there. Here they are Luxury Hotels in Madagascar :

  1. Eden Lodge

It won the 2013/2014 World’s Best Sustainable Hotel award. This is the best place where you can stay and feel the real green style life. Using the unique design and traditional style, you will feel how the people in Madagascar live their everyday life here.

Eden Lodge

Luxury Hotels in Madagascar Eden Lodge

However, this hotel can be considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the facilities for and service. You will get the most satisfying one here.

Moreover, this hotel location is the perfect you can get. Close to beach, baobabs tree avenue, as well as a nature reserve, you can get the best satisfaction here. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Madagascar nature, or see the amazing animal, such as lemurs or even whales. This is the best place to stay if you plan to visit Nosy Be Island.

  1. Isalo Rock Lodge

It was built using the unique material. The design makes it looks like a stone house. It’s located in the Isalo National Park. So, this is also the best place for you who plan to visit this national park.

Isalo Rock Lodge

Luxury Hotels in Madagascar Isalo Rock Lodge

You can get all the accommodation and facilities that you need when you stay here. The pool, free breakfast service, mini bar, Wi-Fi and many more is available here. Therefore, even though you stay at the unique place, you won’t get bored.

  1. Hotel Victory

One of the most affordable luxury hotels in Madagascar you can try. It has an outdoor pool, TV, restaurant, different type of culinary and other services. Basically, if you visit Madagascar with your entire family, Hotel Victory is the best choice where you can stay. You can have a comfortable stay here, plus you can have fun with your family.

Speaking about vacation, it would be perfect for the best place to stay. Those 3 are what you need to make your vacation become perfect vacation. You will feel the luxury, plus enjoy the beauty of Madagascar.

Interesting Places to Visit in Madagascar

Interesting Places to Visit in Madagascar

If you are interested in nature life, outdoor activities, exotic places, and animals, Madagascar could be the best destination to visit. Here are interesting places to visit in Madagascar and what you can do there.

#1. Tsingy

Tsingy Park will be suitable the most for you who like to do challenging things and push your adrenaline to limit. The site is really not easy to reach and it is very remote with only a few tourists to visit the place. Just make sure that you are in a good stamina and do not afraid of height since you will need to use fixed cables, ladder, and rope bridges to reach the peak. You will also find a lot of caves there and enjoy the Tsiribihina River by using a slow boat.


Interesting Places to Visit in Madagascar Tsingy

#2. Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park is situated in the south-central part of the country. The park offers fantastic views along with multiple rugged hiking trails, canyons, gorges, plentiful fauna, ravines, cliffs, and more. Just keep in mind to always bring a hat and water since you will be under the sun’s exposure a lot. There will be three waterfalls and you can find a variety of lemur species along the way.

#3. Ile Sainte Marie

If you need something cheaper and more local where you can get relax, Ile Sainte Marie will be a perfect choice. The beach was formerly a pirate capital where the ship of Captain Kidd sank nearby. Ile Sainte Marie is a fantastic island with a pirate graveyard, a laid-back Carribean-like atmosphere, delicious food, and little coves. The pristine white sand found on the beach is completely beautiful and the water is so clear.

#4. Nosy Be

The beach is a kind of trademark in Madagascar to play dadu online at It features a Western environment that makes it looks more modern completed with big resorts and expensive restaurants. This is the best place in Madagascar where you can spend holidays in style and classy. The white sand of the beach is absolutely fantastic and there are a lot of water sports activities you can do such as diving, snorkeling, whale watching, and fishing.

Nosy Be

Interesting Places to Visit in Madagascar Nosy Be

#5. Andasibe-Mantadia National Park/ Lemur Island

The park is sited between the east coast and the capital Madagascar. This place is very popular with Indri lemur, one of the lemur species that produce sounds like a howling devil bat. You can listen to the echo of the sounds across the jungle.

Best Hotels and Places to Visit in Madagascar

Best Hotels and Places to Visit in Madagascar

Madagascar has a lot of spots where you can enjoy your day off and having a great vacation. You also need to plan where you will stay. Of course, you also must know the places in Madagascar that you will visit. For that reason, we have several recommendations of hotels and good places to visit in Madagascar for you.

The Hotels

It depends on the city that you will visit. Here, we have the list of the city and the best hotel where you can stay in that city. So, if you plan to visit the cities below, you will know the best place to spend your night and rest.

  • Antananarivo

This city has a beautiful architectural masterpiece. With many markets where you can buy souvenir as well as delicacy of Madagascar, you will find yourself at one of the best city in Madagascar to visit. Now, for the hotel in Antananarivo, here is our recommendation.


Antananarivo Places to Visit in Madagascar

1. Relain des Plateaux

Great hotel with complete facilities. Wi-Fi to play at, buffet breakfast, wellness center, and many more can be found here. Moreover, it’s also cheaper. The price starts at $115.

2. Carlton Hotel

The best place for relaxation. You can find a casino, outdoor pool and the best room with best design and furniture. The price is $169 per night.

  • Toamasina

Located close to the Indian Ocean, you will find a lot of beautiful ocean view and beaches here. It will feel like a real vacation here. For the hotel, here are our recommendations.

1. Sunny Golf Hotel

One of the cheapest hotels in Toamasina. The price starts at $44. However, it has everything that you need. All rooms also have a balcony, which gives you a nice experience when you enjoy the scenery.

2. Calypso Hotel

It is located close to the ocean. You just need to walk a bit and find yourself at one of the most beautiful beaches in Madagascar. You also only need 10 minutes to the airport by car. Basically, this is the best hotel in the best location in Toamasina.

  • Mahajanga

This is another beautiful city in Madagascar. And here, there are several great places to stay.


Mahajanga Places to Visit in Madagascar

1. Antsanitia Resort

With just $23, you can get a comfortable place to stay in your vacation. Once you go out of the hotel door, you can find Antsanitia Beach. This is one of the best beachfront hotels you can find in this city.

2. Sunny Hotel Majunga

You also can stay here at a cheap price (start from $52). It has everything that you need, from comfortable room to stay to the outdoor facilities to get some sweat out of your body.

Those are three cities in Madagascar that you can visit, plus the hotel in each city where you can stay. Actually, you also can choose other cities as your vacation destination, as well as the hotel. Just find the best place and destination that you want.

The Vacation Spots

Now, after you find out the best hotel where you can stay, the next thing you need to do is finding the vacation spots. Madagascar has many of them. But, if we have to choose, here are the places we would like to visit.

  • Ifaty – For you who want to enjoy the beautiful beach and fun activities in the sea, you can visit this place. It also has many high-class hotel and resorts.

  • Nosy Be – This is another beautiful beach you can visit. And, on Sunday, you can enjoy the beach party event here.

  • Nosy Mangabe – If you want to see the lemurs, you can visit this island.

Now, you are ready to visit Madagascar. Make sure you have fun and make a lot of good memories. And, it could become the best vacation you’ve ever had.

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar

Do you have a plan to visit Madagascar and want to spend a few days in the country? If you do, it will be better to know the best place where you can stay comfortably like you are at home. Here are the Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar that you should know.

#1. Relais Des Plateaux

The hotel is so luxurious with optimum services that guest can hope from a hotel. It rooms in the hotel come with an elegant design to make everyone feels comfortable. There are flat-screen TVs with satellite channels and refrigerators provided in each room. The guests can enjoy a free buffet breakfast that can be provided based on the guests’ request. The services available also include a bar/ lounge, a fitness center, and a cafe, spare self-parking, spare hangar shuttle, and WiFi areas to play poker at To make the guests become more comfortable, there are an open-air pool, a restaurant, and a full-service spa where they can relax.

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar Relais Des Plateaux

#2. Carlton Hotel

Besides the standard facilities such as restaurants and an outdoor pool, Carlton Hotel is also completed with a casino. That makes the hotel becomes the first choice for those who want to have a different entertainment to spend your days while in a hotel. Are you looking for a night entertainment too? The hotel could be the right choice since it also has a nightclub and two more bars provided for the guests. There will be also a health club to help your body stays healthy during the holiday.

#3. Hotel Colbert Spa & Casino

This hotel is smoke-free with excellent services for all the guests. Just as the name suggests, the hotel is also having a casino to entertain the guests. It has a full-service spa and two restaurants where the guests can enjoy delicious cuisines, both local and international. Aside from the casino, there is also 2 bar/ lounges, an indoor pool, and a health club available for the guests.

Hotel Colbert Spa & Casino

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar Hotel Colbert Spa & Casino

#4. Sunny Golf Hotel

This hotel is having 49 rooms and all are completed with a balcony where you can enjoy the surrounding and the outdoor pool. If you want something private, there are private plunge pools to enjoy and deep soaking tubs. You will be able to enjoy other amenities too such as a coffee shop, a bar/ lounge, and a snack bar. If you want to go to the airport, there will be a free airport shuttle to take you there.

Constance Tsarabanjina, The Unique Hotels You Must Try

Constance Tsarabanjina, The Unique Hotels You Must Try

Do you plan to visit Madagascar for your vacation? You’ve chosen the right destination. Now, what you need to do is finding the best place to stay. Actually, you can find many hotels or resorts for this purpose. But, that wouldn’t be enough to create a great vacation in Madagascar. Therefore, we have one place we can recommend for you. It’s a Unique Hotels called Constance Tsarabanjina.

The Location

This resort was built on the private island. The shape is like a bungalow and extremely convenient and private suitable to play You can find about 25 bungalows on the private island. There are two islands where you can find this unique staying place. They are Quilelea Island and Mnemba Island.

Constance Tsarabanjina

Unique hotels Constance Tsarabanjina

What You Can Do

The island is quite small. So, you can explore the whole island on foot. More than that, you will be always surrounded by beach and ocean. Therefore, whenever you want to have fun at the beach, swimming, diving or snorkeling, you can do it freely.

You will feel like you are stranded here. But, this is what you need, if you want to get free from your stressful daily routine. The peaceful atmosphere will give you the best chance to relax. It can heal your body and mind.

Even though it’s located on the inhabited island, the building is well-maintained. The design looks great and sturdy. You will feel safe here.

unique hotels Constance Tsarabanjina

unique hotels Constance Tsarabanjina

The Facilities

It is indeed built in the inhabited island. However, do not forget, Constance Tsarabanjina is still a resort. Therefore, you also get the service like what you can get at a resort. Moreover, you also can find facilities that will give you more comfort, such as:

  • Bar

  • Restaurant,

  • Tennis court,

  • Spa,

  • Room service,

  • Wi-Fi,

  • And more.

The comfortable room will help you to rest and spend your night comfortably. The room is equipped with a comfortable bed and nice bathrooms. However, you won’t find a TV and Wi-Fi in your room. It sounds problematic. But, from our point of view, this could become the best setting for escaping from your stress. You don’t need to worry about social media and other things.

Therefore, whenever you plan to visit Madagascar, at least you must visit and stay at Constance Tsarabanjina once. You will feel and get a different experience. And, when you return to your home after spending a few days here, you will be able to renew yourself.