Madagascar and the Unique Elements of the Country

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You probably have thought about traveling to Africa, but with so many countries to choose, which one should you go? No need to worry; you can always go to Madagascar – an exotic land that has it all. In fact, if you are into outdoor activities and natural adventures, this place would be the perfect spot for you. What can you find there, anyway?

The Wild World

Natural wild scene is one of the major appeals in Madagascar. Do you know that 5% of the plant and animal species from all over the world are found here? There are some animals that are indigenous to the place, such as lemur. But be ready to find other wonderful, unique, and exotic plants and creatures. The baobabs plants, for instance, are the most unique plants ever existing in the world.

go to Madagascar

go to Madagascar

There are also other wonderful things to see there, such as mongoose, turtles, sharks, frogs, or birds, along with various species of palms, orchids, and flowers. Unfortunately, all of these natural wonders are in threat of extinction – mostly because of population pressure and climate change. You should really plan and enjoy your trip before everything is gone.

Beautiful Landscapes

Madagascar isn’t only home to various biodiversity, but it is also home to beautiful and epic landscapes. You can basically find almost anything there – from desert to rainforest. In fact, you can go from a desert to a rainforest within 300 kilometers away.

If you really enjoy adventurous and natural views, there are various places to visit. The limestone karsts and sandstone canyons are just some examples of the natural beauty. It is also home to many types of forests (spiny, dry, or rain). The mountains are majestic while the hills are fertile with cascading terrace rice paddies. The soil is rich in laterite, earning the place a special nickname ‘The Red Island’. The place is also surrounded by the sea. The coastline stretches over 5000 kilometers, offering beautiful turquoise view.

Island of Adventures

Madagascar is the fourth biggest island in the world with challenging road condition. However, such a thing is definitely loved by adventurous enthusiasts. The offroad activity is both challenging and fun. There are also national parks that would pamper your adventurous soul. These national parks aren’t packed or crowded with people because not many people visit them.

go to Madagascar

go to Madagascar

Feel free to enjoy various physical activities there, including mountain biking, rock-climbing, diving, hiking, kite surfing, and so much more. Not to mention that the place also has limitless hammocks, beaches, and also natural pools. You will definitely have a satisfying travel!

Cultural Wealth and Insight

Over the course of history, many migrants (generally from Indian Ocean areas) are coming to Madagascar. Expect to find cultural richness when coming to Madagascar. Not only you get to meet the locals but you can also immerse yourself in the cultural experience. Don’t forget to experience Friday night entertainments and discos and also unique festivals. Hop on the bush taxis (or taxi-brousse) or stay in one of the villages.

Madagascar is a one-of-a-kind spot in the world that has it all. You should be able to enrich your traveling experience as well as your soul.