Things to Prepare before Traveling to Madagascar

Traveling to Madagascar

Madagascar is probably not as popular as other world destinations, such as the Bahamas or the Caribbean, but the place does have its specialty and unique trait. The place is uniquely isolated despite its existence as one of the oldest places on Earth. The location has a certain appeal and magnet to naturalists, travelers, dadu online fans, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts because of the marvelous natural beautiful.

Despite the charm, it does have its own challenges. Each attraction is separated quite far apart and the travel can be uncomfortable. In some areas, tourism infrastructure isn’t well developed and there is a cyclone season restricting the travelers’ mobility and movement. So, know your way around and be sure to prepare everything well.

The Locations

In Madagascar, the peak of tourist season is between April and December. In other months, the rainy season will dominate the area. Cyclones are the big risks because they make the roads not passable. If you want to go whale watching, this would be the perfect time.

Traveling to Madagascar

Traveling to Madagascar

Between September and December, expect warmer weather. It would be the perfect time for travelers who want to have more outdoor activities and go to the beach. During this time, wildlife lovers and birders would enjoy watching and observing the rodents and reptiles – they are more active during these months.

Where Would You Go?

Keep in mind that most of the highlights are scattered and widespread. If you want to travel around, you need to be flexible and patient. It would be best if you only focus on a specific region. If you try to see everything just within one visit, you may not be able to do it.

For instance, you can go to Ile Sainte Marie if you are going to the Eastern part of the island. You can stay there for a whole week for relaxation and whale watching. If you go to the Western area, you can explore Miandrivazo to Morondava. When we are moving around, you can explore Bekopaka, Tsiribihina River, Kirindy Reserve, Tsingy de Bemaraha, and Avenue of the Baobabs.

Do keep in mind that you need the extra patience and flexibility. Only a small part of the roads are paved – the others are poor. Not only the roads are full of potholes, but they also lack of proper maintenance. You can try traveling by taxi brousse (a small and traditional mini-van) like the locals, but this taxi brousse is not for everyone. If you want to have a more comfortable option, you should hire the local driver.

Traveling to Madagascar

Traveling to Madagascar

It gives you flexible option to many stop along the way. If you have the budgets and you want to travel fast, go with Air Madagascar. If you think you should drive by yourself, it is NOT recommended – for your own sake and safety.

Don’t get your hopes high on Air Madagascar. It may be the best option for traveling comfortably but it doesn’t have the best service. It is notorious for cancellations, scheduling changes, and strikes. Be ready for obstruction and remember – be patient.

The trip to Madagascar can be challenging but it can be one of the best trips you have ever made – if you take it lightly and not being too serious.