Luxury Hotels for Your Best Experience in Madagascar

Isalo Rock Lodge

When you have a vacation, there is one important thing that you need to pay more attention. It’s the hotel. The place where you rest and sleep must be comfortable. And, if you also can get extra experience, that would be a much better thing to have. Now, for you who want to visit Madagascar, we have several great hotels for a comfortable place to stay as well as a nice experience to stay there. Here they are Luxury Hotels in Madagascar :

  1. Eden Lodge

It won the 2013/2014 World’s Best Sustainable Hotel award. This is the best place where you can stay and feel the real green style life. Using the unique design and traditional style, you will feel how the people in Madagascar live their everyday life here.

Eden Lodge

Luxury Hotels in Madagascar Eden Lodge

However, this hotel can be considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the facilities for and service. You will get the most satisfying one here.

Moreover, this hotel location is the perfect you can get. Close to beach, baobabs tree avenue, as well as a nature reserve, you can get the best satisfaction here. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Madagascar nature, or see the amazing animal, such as lemurs or even whales. This is the best place to stay if you plan to visit Nosy Be Island.

  1. Isalo Rock Lodge

It was built using the unique material. The design makes it looks like a stone house. It’s located in the Isalo National Park. So, this is also the best place for you who plan to visit this national park.

Isalo Rock Lodge

Luxury Hotels in Madagascar Isalo Rock Lodge

You can get all the accommodation and facilities that you need when you stay here. The pool, free breakfast service, mini bar, Wi-Fi and many more is available here. Therefore, even though you stay at the unique place, you won’t get bored.

  1. Hotel Victory

One of the most affordable luxury hotels in Madagascar you can try. It has an outdoor pool, TV, restaurant, different type of culinary and other services. Basically, if you visit Madagascar with your entire family, Hotel Victory is the best choice where you can stay. You can have a comfortable stay here, plus you can have fun with your family.

Speaking about vacation, it would be perfect for the best place to stay. Those 3 are what you need to make your vacation become perfect vacation. You will feel the luxury, plus enjoy the beauty of Madagascar.