Interesting Places to Visit in Madagascar

Ile Sainte Marie

If you are interested in nature life, outdoor activities, exotic places, and animals, Madagascar could be the best destination to visit. Here are interesting places to visit in Madagascar and what you can do there.

#1. Tsingy

Tsingy Park will be suitable the most for you who like to do challenging things and push your adrenaline to limit. The site is really not easy to reach and it is very remote with only a few tourists to visit the place. Just make sure that you are in a good stamina and do not afraid of height since you will need to use fixed cables, ladder, and rope bridges to reach the peak. You will also find a lot of caves there and enjoy the Tsiribihina River by using a slow boat.


Interesting Places to Visit in Madagascar Tsingy

#2. Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park is situated in the south-central part of the country. The park offers fantastic views along with multiple rugged hiking trails, canyons, gorges, plentiful fauna, ravines, cliffs, and more. Just keep in mind to always bring a hat and water since you will be under the sun’s exposure a lot. There will be three waterfalls and you can find a variety of lemur species along the way.

#3. Ile Sainte Marie

If you need something cheaper and more local where you can get relax, Ile Sainte Marie will be a perfect choice. The beach was formerly a pirate capital where the ship of Captain Kidd sank nearby. Ile Sainte Marie is a fantastic island with a pirate graveyard, a laid-back Carribean-like atmosphere, delicious food, and little coves. The pristine white sand found on the beach is completely beautiful and the water is so clear.

#4. Nosy Be

The beach is a kind of trademark in Madagascar to play dadu online at It features a Western environment that makes it looks more modern completed with big resorts and expensive restaurants. This is the best place in Madagascar where you can spend holidays in style and classy. The white sand of the beach is absolutely fantastic and there are a lot of water sports activities you can do such as diving, snorkeling, whale watching, and fishing.

Nosy Be

Interesting Places to Visit in Madagascar Nosy Be

#5. Andasibe-Mantadia National Park/ Lemur Island

The park is sited between the east coast and the capital Madagascar. This place is very popular with Indri lemur, one of the lemur species that produce sounds like a howling devil bat. You can listen to the echo of the sounds across the jungle.