Interesting Facts about Madagascar

Facts about Madagascar

When you want to visit a place, be sure to perform a research about it. If you want to visit Madagascar, naturally, you need to perform a thorough research too. And there are actually many interesting facts about Madagascar that most people don’t know about. So, what are they?

Big Island with Big Population

Madagascar is a big island. It is the fourth biggest island in the world and it is definitely Sweden, Germany, Thailand, and Spain. Just to compare it, Madagascar’s width is around 226,917 square miles while London is ‘only’ 93,410 square miles.

Since it is the one of the biggest islands in the globe, the number of people is around 26.2 million. The number is definitely higher than the people in Greece, Romania, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

big islands

big islands

Rich Biodiversity

When we are talking about biodiversity heavens on Earth, then Madagascar would be one of them. More than 50% of the world’s species of lemur and chameleons are coming from Madagascar. And many of the species can’t be found elsewhere. But you actually won’t find hippos, giraffes, or tigers there.

Madagascar is home to many astonishing and impressive bird species. Its long-tailed unique ground roller is one of the most elusive creatures on Earth. Not to mention that the place itself is very exotic and rich in natural elements. For instance, Toliara, one of the (coastal) towns in the south-western Madagascar, is packed with freshwater marshes, mudflats, and lagoons. Expect to find the gigantic octopus trees sprout that would deliver unearthly vibe to the environment.

All the Creatures Are Weird

Being a place with great biodiversity and natural wealth has made some of the species and creatures quite unique – up to the point of being weird. The Malagasy giant rat can jump and leap high – up to 3 feet to the air. The aye-aye lemur has long middle finger whose function is to find grubs inside the trees. There is also giraffe-necked weevil that has an appendage to roll the leaves to the tubes of the eggs.

All the Creatures Are Weird

All the Creatures Are Weird

It Was a Pirate Haven

Thanks to its secluded coves, Madagascar was a safe haven for pirates. Many had used the island as a safe shelter when they weren’t looting or when they weren’t sailing. If you come to the place, you may have heard many pirate stories. You may think that they are only stories or folklore, but who knows? One of them is probably true.

It Is Home to World Heritage Sites

Some of the places in this island are included in the World Heritage Sites. Atsinanana Rainforest, for instance, is one of them. You can find tons of (rare) species of lemur and primate there. There is also Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, a unique burial site that is 500 years old. There is also Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve that comes in the form of limestone labyrinth. It is unexplored and definitely impassable. Are they all beautiful? Definitely!  Check

Those are some of the interesting facts about Madagascar. They may give you ideas and inspirations of what to do when coming to Madagascar. Prepare it carefully and enjoy!