Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

When visiting Madagascar, you may see historical building in Antananarivo. Madagascar is an island country located east of the African continent which has direct access to the Indian Ocean. This country has become a French colony for decades until it finally succeeded in freeing itself since 1960.

Therefore, of course, this country stores a variety of beautiful ancient buildings, especially in the capital city of Antananarivo. When traveling here, you will be able to visit various historic buildings that have architectural beauty.

Some of these historic buildings are influenced by French Gothic architecture. For those of you who want to enjoy historical tourism, but are bored in mainstream places. Some historical places in Antananarivo, Madagascar are suitable for you to visit.

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit


Rova of Antananarivo and Andafiavaratra Palace, Historical Building in Antananarivo

First there is the Rova of Antananarivo in the form of palace buildings left behind by the ruling kingdom of Imerina in Madagascar. This palace building has stood since the 17th century until then handed over to France after the defeat of the Kingdom of Imerina to France in 1897.

The architectural form of this building is very interesting because it presents a blend of French and local Madagascar style. Besides this unique old building is located on a hill. Unfortunately, this palace experienced a great fire in 1995 and was completely renovated on the outside in 2012.

Then there is the palace building, Andafiavaratra Palace which was previously used as the residence of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Madagascar. The location of this palace is on a hill in the City of Antananarivo so that the building is directly visible from above the height.

The historical building in Antananarivo is now used as a museum that holds more than 1400 artifacts from the Kingdom of Madagascar. These objects were previously stored in the Rova of Antananarivo. But after the fire, it was moved to this palace.

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

Historical Building in Antananarivo that You Can Visit

Ambohimanga and Ambohitsorohitra Palace

Ambohimanga is also one of the heritage buildings of the Kingdom of Madagascar or the Kingdom of Merina. The fort is located about 24 km northeast of the town of Antananarivo and is also located above the hills. This building is one of the main relics and symbols of the Merina community, which has been built since the 18th century.

The architectural style of the fort is very unique to Madagascar with its unique wall shape and roof style that is different from buildings in general. In addition, this historical building in Antananarivo has also become a UNESCO cultural heritage since 2001.

Ambohitsorohitra Palace was previously the residence of the President of Madagascar. Until in 2009 it was occupied by the army during the coup. The location of this palace building is located right in the center of Antananarivo . It is one of the French heritage buildings in Madagascar.

This palace was formerly used for the office of the French Colonial Government in Madagascar and was founded in the 1890s. This building was also used as an Antananarivo town hall. Before the mayor Marc Ravalomanana was elected president and used this building as a palace.

As it turns out, visiting Madagascar you are not only served with beautiful natural scenery or exotic animals. You can also visit various historical building in Antananarivo that are beautiful and majestic.