Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won’t Find Anywhere Else

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won't Find Anywhere Else

Endemic animal In Madagascar won’t be found anywhere else because of their unique characteristic. In addition, the island nation which was formerly a former French colony has tropical weather with lots of tropical rain forests throughout the country.

Therefore there are various kinds of endemic animals that inhabit the island with different physical characteristics compared to animals on the continent of Africa. You can find endemic animals that will not be found in other areas.

When visiting here you will be surprised at how unique the island’s rich fauna is. There are giraffe-necked deer, lemurs, whose long middle fingers help it find maggots hiding inside trees, and giant Malagasy rats, which can jump three feet into the air. Here are some animals that inhabit the island of Madagascar with a unique and attractive face.

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won't Find Anywhere Else

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won’t Find Anywhere Else

Fossa, an Endemic animal in Madagascar which is Endangered

Fossa is an endemic carnivorous animal from the island of Madagascar which is still a family with Mongoose. This animal has a main habitat in the forest. The size of this mammal reaches a length between 70-80 cm and weighs between 5.5-8.6 kg which makes this animal the largest carnivorous mammal in Madagascar.

The main food of Fossa is varied, ranging from small animals to lemurs and monkeys but generally prey on lemurs. In addition, he is also active during the day and night, but these wild animals are in the category of threatened and the population is decreasing from year to year.

Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko, Its Habitat is Threatened Because of Illegal Logging

Furthermore, there is the Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko which is one type of endemic lizard from the island of Madagascar. Latin lizard named Uroplatus phantasticus has a physical form resembling dried leaves which makes it able to camouflage well to avoid predators and to prey on insects.

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won't Find Anywhere Else

Endemic Animal in Madagascar You won’t Find Anywhere Else

This endemic animal in Madagascar is a nocturnal reptile has been protected by the local government because many are hunted to be used as pets, because of its very unique shape. In addition, their habitat is also threatened due to deforestation and environmental damage.

Mammals called Eastern falanouc

Finally, there is a mammal named Eastern falanouc living in the lowlands of the tropical rainforest of eastern Madagascar. Latin animal named Eupleres goudotii is included in the endangered category.

This is due to damage to habitat, humans, dogs, and competition with other animals. Eastern falanouc has a small size with a body length of about 50 cm and is shy animals that eat a variety of invertebrate animals, such as worms, snails, and larvae.

In addition, this island has the world’s rarest bird species, which is a long-tailed earth roll. The coastal city of Toliara, located southwest of the main island, is surrounded by lagoons, mud, freshwater swamps, and, most importantly, the strange Didierea madagaskariensis family.

Traveling to Madagascar will give you a new experience. This island can be called a paradise for those who love wildlife. Besides enjoying the extraordinary natural beauty, you can also get the chance to see endemic animal in Madagascar if you are lucky.