Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar

Do you have a plan to visit Madagascar and want to spend a few days in the country? If you do, it will be better to know the best place where you can stay comfortably like you are at home. Here are the Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar that you should know.

#1. Relais Des Plateaux

The hotel is so luxurious with optimum services that guest can hope from a hotel. It rooms in the hotel come with an elegant design to make everyone feels comfortable. There are flat-screen TVs with satellite channels and refrigerators provided in each room. The guests can enjoy a free buffet breakfast that can be provided based on the guests’ request. The services available also include a bar/ lounge, a fitness center, and a cafe, spare self-parking, spare hangar shuttle, and WiFi areas to play poker at To make the guests become more comfortable, there are an open-air pool, a restaurant, and a full-service spa where they can relax.

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar Relais Des Plateaux

#2. Carlton Hotel

Besides the standard facilities such as restaurants and an outdoor pool, Carlton Hotel is also completed with a casino. That makes the hotel becomes the first choice for those who want to have a different entertainment to spend your days while in a hotel. Are you looking for a night entertainment too? The hotel could be the right choice since it also has a nightclub and two more bars provided for the guests. There will be also a health club to help your body stays healthy during the holiday.

#3. Hotel Colbert Spa & Casino

This hotel is smoke-free with excellent services for all the guests. Just as the name suggests, the hotel is also having a casino to entertain the guests. It has a full-service spa and two restaurants where the guests can enjoy delicious cuisines, both local and international. Aside from the casino, there is also 2 bar/ lounges, an indoor pool, and a health club available for the guests.

Hotel Colbert Spa & Casino

Best Hotels to Stay in Madagascar Hotel Colbert Spa & Casino

#4. Sunny Golf Hotel

This hotel is having 49 rooms and all are completed with a balcony where you can enjoy the surrounding and the outdoor pool. If you want something private, there are private plunge pools to enjoy and deep soaking tubs. You will be able to enjoy other amenities too such as a coffee shop, a bar/ lounge, and a snack bar. If you want to go to the airport, there will be a free airport shuttle to take you there.