Best Hotels and Places to Visit in Madagascar


Madagascar has a lot of spots where you can enjoy your day off and having a great vacation. You also need to plan where you will stay. Of course, you also must know the places in Madagascar that you will visit. For that reason, we have several recommendations of hotels and good places to visit in Madagascar for you.

The Hotels

It depends on the city that you will visit. Here, we have the list of the city and the best hotel where you can stay in that city. So, if you plan to visit the cities below, you will know the best place to spend your night and rest.

  • Antananarivo

This city has a beautiful architectural masterpiece. With many markets where you can buy souvenir as well as delicacy of Madagascar, you will find yourself at one of the best city in Madagascar to visit. Now, for the hotel in Antananarivo, here is our recommendation.


Antananarivo Places to Visit in Madagascar

1. Relain des Plateaux

Great hotel with complete facilities. Wi-Fi to play at, buffet breakfast, wellness center, and many more can be found here. Moreover, it’s also cheaper. The price starts at $115.

2. Carlton Hotel

The best place for relaxation. You can find a casino, outdoor pool and the best room with best design and furniture. The price is $169 per night.

  • Toamasina

Located close to the Indian Ocean, you will find a lot of beautiful ocean view and beaches here. It will feel like a real vacation here. For the hotel, here are our recommendations.

1. Sunny Golf Hotel

One of the cheapest hotels in Toamasina. The price starts at $44. However, it has everything that you need. All rooms also have a balcony, which gives you a nice experience when you enjoy the scenery.

2. Calypso Hotel

It is located close to the ocean. You just need to walk a bit and find yourself at one of the most beautiful beaches in Madagascar. You also only need 10 minutes to the airport by car. Basically, this is the best hotel in the best location in Toamasina.

  • Mahajanga

This is another beautiful city in Madagascar. And here, there are several great places to stay.


Mahajanga Places to Visit in Madagascar

1. Antsanitia Resort

With just $23, you can get a comfortable place to stay in your vacation. Once you go out of the hotel door, you can find Antsanitia Beach. This is one of the best beachfront hotels you can find in this city.

2. Sunny Hotel Majunga

You also can stay here at a cheap price (start from $52). It has everything that you need, from comfortable room to stay to the outdoor facilities to get some sweat out of your body.

Those are three cities in Madagascar that you can visit, plus the hotel in each city where you can stay. Actually, you also can choose other cities as your vacation destination, as well as the hotel. Just find the best place and destination that you want.

The Vacation Spots

Now, after you find out the best hotel where you can stay, the next thing you need to do is finding the vacation spots. Madagascar has many of them. But, if we have to choose, here are the places we would like to visit.

  • Ifaty – For you who want to enjoy the beautiful beach and fun activities in the sea, you can visit this place. It also has many high-class hotel and resorts.

  • Nosy Be – This is another beautiful beach you can visit. And, on Sunday, you can enjoy the beach party event here.

  • Nosy Mangabe – If you want to see the lemurs, you can visit this island.

Now, you are ready to visit Madagascar. Make sure you have fun and make a lot of good memories. And, it could become the best vacation you’ve ever had.